YSL Touche Éclat

Summer is always a hard time for me makeup-wise. Since I have classic combination skin, I struggle with keeping my face shine free while not simultaneously drying it out, and this problem is exacerbated by the heat and humidity of summertime. Enter Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat blur primer and blur perfector. You’ve probably already heard of Touche Éclat through the Radiant Touch pen that has taken the makeup world by storm and is a mainstay backstage at Fashion Week. After the success of that product, YSL added to the line this summer with the primer and blur perfector compact.

ToucheEclatBasically, these products do exactly what their names imply – they’re like photoshop for real life. The primer ensures smooth makeup application with a mattifying effect, not a revolutionary function in a primer, but it does its job well. There are tiny gold flecks suspended in the clear primer, which remind me a little of that horrible Limited Too body glitter from days of yore, but the flecks disappear as soon as it’s applied. I’m picky about my primers because I have sensitive skin, and some can leave your skin feeling greasy after a couple hours, but this one had the quality and staying power you would expect from YSL and didn’t irritate my skin at all.ToucheEclatBlurPrimer

The blur perfector is a little more unique. It comes in a pretty pink and gold acrylic compact and it looks more like a lip balm than a powder. However, once you swipe some on the applicator sponge, the balm changes to a very effective powder-like consistency, without the appearance of having powder on your skin. The package claims it can be used alone or on top of makeup, and I must admit it’s not lying. Not only did it work well alone for running errands – evening my skin tone and keeping me shine free despite 70% humidity, it also salvaged my makeup 6 hours into my college roommate’s wedding. I love that you can reapply it without having to worry about getting cakey makeup face like you do with many powders. Also, did I mention the compact is pretty?ToucheEclatblurcompact

I have to believe that these products will make the same splash as the Radiant Touch pen before them and will soon become a favorite of makeup artists everywhere. I know they’re now one of my favorites and won’t be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon. I’m very thankful to YSL and Influenster for giving me these products to try, and I’ll definitely be purchasing more down the road.ToucheEclat1


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