Weekly Link Roundup…And Some Personal Thoughts

This past week has been a sad one here in Israel. With terrorist attacks on the rise (three stabbings today already, one of the victims a 13-year-old boy), the atmosphere in the country is clearly tense. With the addition of yesterday’s attempted car bombing to the list of recent attacks, this is the first time since I came to Israel that I’ve felt nervous using public transportation, something I didn’t even worry about in last summer’s war.

I guess what strikes me about all of this is that it doesn’t come anywhere near the level of violence during the Second Intifada. I can’t imagine going about my daily life when public buses are regularly being bombed. I have a lot of respect for Israelis for always standing their ground, continuing to lead normal lives, and never letting the terrorists win. Continuing on with that sentiment, it’s time for our regularly scheduled programming, the weekly link roundup.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle– According to this article, in 2013, the US produced 33 million tons of plastic waste. As difficult as that is to hear, the article also offers a ray of hope in the form of 27 very cool ways that plastic bottles are being reused today.
  2. Sauce Upgrade– Do you love sriracha as much as I do? Of course you don’t. But if you are a fan, I have some good news for you. Chik-fil-A has added sriracha to their already fantastic sauce repertoire. It won’t be in all locations until 2016, but it has already graced some southern locations. Now I just need to find a way to get it in Israel…at least I know what I’ll be eating at the airport next time I visit.
  3. Plan Your Escape From Winter Before It Starts– Already dreading the chill of winter? Conde Nast Traveler released their “Best Airfare Deals For Winter 2015” to save you. As a bonus, check out their “Top 5 Travel Tips of The Month”.
  4. Cutting Back In The Closet– Capsule wardrobes hit Pinterest about a year ago (though they’ve been around much longer) and they don’t show any sign of going away. Check out this article on why 37 is the magic number of clothing items to have in your closet.
  5. Baby Laughs– This week’s cuteness dose comes in the form of two adorable twin toddlers who cannot stop laughing at one adorable Pomeranian.
  6. Halloween Prep– Already planning the perfect costume for Halloween? While Halloween isn’t celebrated by the country as a whole here (Purim is basically Israeli Halloween), various bars do host Halloween costume parties, and you can count on me to be in attendance. Check out this guideto cheap and easy couples’ costumes or this guide to 101 cheap and easy costumes for inspiration.
  7. Best Reasons His Kid Is Crying– Since Greg Pembroke started the blog of reasons his son was crying, I’ve been a huge fan. This article wrangled up the 23 best pictures from the blog, sure to have you in tears yourself (from laughter of course).

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