Rhodes, Greece

I kind of like my posts to be in some sort of order, but I’m going to break up my posts about the wedding and our time in the States with one about our trip a couple of weekends ago to Rhodes, Greece. Greece is a popular vacation destination for people in Israel for the obvious reasons (it’s beautiful) and because of its proximity (only an hour flight). The trip was a wedding gift from Ofir’s siblings, and we’ve been looking toward to it since we left out honeymoon. 

We stayed at the Sentido Port Royal, an adults only resort in the Kolumbya area of the island. The resort was very new, and the decor, rooms, pool and restaurant were trendy and had a nice minimalistic style. We stayed for three nights on the partially all inclusive package, meaning that breakfast and dinner were included, and honestly, there was so much food at breakfast that we were full until dinner anyways.

Since the pools and beach were so nice, we didn’t venture outside of the resort area until our last day when we rented a car and drove to Lindos, the most recommended place to visit on Rhodes. The city is built on a mountain overlooking the sea, and at the top of the mountain is the ancient Lindos Acropolis. We decided to shell out the €24 to see it, but first we had to make our way up the mountain.

It was seriously sweltering that day, so I convinced Ofir to ride a donkey to the top with me. I had seen it recommended on travel sites, and I have to say that while I felt a little bad making them lug us up there, the donkeys seemed really well treated and not at all malnourished or mistreated. Once we got to the top, we walked around the ruins of the Acropolis.

The Acropolis is a natural citadel which was fortified by the various empires that controlled the area one after the other –  the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. This makes it an interesting mixture of architecture and ruins, including the remains of a temple of Athena and a Greek Orthodox church.

After the Acropolis, we made our way down the mountain to walk around the city of Lindos, which was full of great shops and restaurants. Later, on our way back to the resort, we stopped at Epta Spiges (Seven Springs), which I wouldn’t personally recommend since it was a little anticlimactic, but I do think it would be more impressive in the winter when there’s more water. There’s also a cute restaurant there overlooking the springs if you’re looking to eat lunch in the forest.

We finished up our day with a little more pool time before our final giant buffet dinner. I was really impressed by the quality of the food, which included some unique and complex taste combinations you would expect to find at a chef restaurant rather than a resort buffet. The selection was huge, and the dessert buffet was a real problem for me, since every single thing was delicious. I fell more in love with baklava than ever, and I’ll admit that the Greeks might make it better than Israelis.

I will say that outside of the resort and Lindos, Greece was not exactly what I expected. The economic crisis was more apparent there than I expected, with a lot of abandoned buildings and construction sites and a general lack of upkeep of places indicative of a financial shortage. Regardless, it was still a beautiful place and full of history. The topography and vegetation are very similar to northern Israel in a lot of places, which makes sense considering the geographic locations are similar, and the general disregard for traffic laws is also the same 🙂

This trip gave me the chance to use my new camera after taking a couple lessons, and it was fun to try out all of the things I learned. I love having the camera to take better quality pictures and for the zoom, but I still love my iPhone camera for its small size and portability.

All in all, the trip was wonderful, and it was great to take a short break from the real world. I’m including below what I would consider to be the ideal packing list for a short trip to Greece in the summer or late spring, made up of a lot of the things I brought. The weather was definitely hot, but comfortable on the beach. Make sure to bring a hat or two for all of that sun!

We will definitely need to make some return trips to Greece – we only have 5,999 islands to go!


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