’90s Flashback Fall Fashion

I’m happy to announce that serious thunderstorms and cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Tel Aviv, signaling the real start of fall here and an excellent excuse to stay curled up on the couch with my bunny and Netfix. While 73 degree days (23 C) may not sound like autumn weather to those of you in cooler climates, it’s cool enough that I can finally bring some longer sleeves out of the tip top of the closet and look at window displays of sweaters and scarves without mentally overheating.

smiling 3-1.JPGThe start of fall has also led me to start looking at some of this year’s fall fashions, and everywhere I look I’m seeing the ’90s. From dark lips and chokers to crop tops and flannels, I feel like the streets have become a scene from Cruel Intentions or Clueless. Another trend making a comeback? Dark floral dresses. I really like skater dresses, since I think they’re great for defining your waist and making you look put together with minimal effort. Combine dark florals and a skater dress and you have an easy, fashionable fall outfit.

I wore this dress while walking around Ramat Gan this weekend with my awesome photographer friend Jessica. I love the back detail and that the dress is so easy to dress up or down. Floral skater dresses in darker hues are also great for transitioning into colder weather, since you can pair them with flats when the weather is warmer, or tights, boots, and a cute coat for those colder days. Pair them with your favorite choker and a jean jacket to complete the look. But maybe leave the crimped hair and butterfly clips in the ’90s where they belong.


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