Weekly Link Roundup

We’re in the middle of the holidays here in Israel, so I’m sorry for the big gaps between posts lately! I hope to get the last of the Slovenia posts up in the next couple of days and then get to a couple of DIY and recipe posts. Luckily, I have a bit of time here while waiting for my Sukkot dessert to cool (I’ll post about that later) to publish a weekly link roundup.  I’ve gotten some great recommendations for links sent in lately. Thanks so much to those of you who sent them, and please, if you have a link you think should be in the roundup, send it my way through the “Contact” page!

  1. MAKE YOUR SMALL ROOMS LOOK BIGGER– I’ve mentioned that my fiance and I are in the midst of redecorating our apartment. For us, like for many people who live in a big city, a high cost of living means a smaller apartment. While Tel Aviv apartments are a bit more spacious that some I’ve seen in New York, most of us are still relegated to studios and one bedrooms. This “Definitive Guide to Making Any Small Room Look Bigger”has some great tips for maximizing your space in a small apartment as well as tricks to really open up a room visually.
  2. GET GLAMPING– Glamping, or glamorous camping, has been taking the social media world by storm. No matter your budget, if your looking to connect with nature without roughing it too much and get some Instagram-worthy photos in the process, one of these 13 Amazing Destinations Where You Can Go Glamping in Style is surely right for you. From teepees to safaris, who knew there were so many ways to glamp?
  3. AFFORDABLE FALL FASHION– As I sit here weeping over an extended forecast of 90 degree days until November, those of you in more temperate climates are already pulling out your fall wardrobe. If you find yourself in need of some autumn inspiration in the outfit department, Popsugar has it for you in their “Top 10 Fall Trends and Where You Can Score Them Under $100.” Think of me when you put on that adorable sweater that I won’t able to wear until Thanksgiving.
  4. LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS– Having some regrets is normal part of life, but I think most of us would prefer not to have too many of them in the end. In this article, a palliative care nurse shares the top 5 regrets told to her by people on their death beds. Take a look and see what changes you can make now to avoid “should’ve/would’ve/could’ve” sentiments down the road.
  5. STAY IN A SAND CASTLE– If you’re looking for a vacation that will fulfill some childhood dreams, the Zand Hotel in the Netherlands may be for you. The hotel is completely built from sand (reinforced with wood for stability), but luckily features non-sand furniture. Unfortunately, it will only stay up for this year’s Zandsculpture Festival and it’s already fully booked. But don’t despair – they plan to build another for next year’s festival.
  6. LITTLE GIRL BIG FISH– For your weekly dose of cuteness, I present Avery – the little girl who caught a huge fish on a tiny Barbie fishing pole, much to the joy of her father.
  7. THE RETURN OF JON SNOW? (Season 5 spoiler alert…but seriously watch it already, you’ve had months)– For you GoT fans who shed a tear during last season’s finale, there may be hope for you yet. This Mashable article claims that Kit Harrington may have been spotted on the Game of Throne’s set. Does this mean that Snow will be making a return in Season 6? Maybe or maybe not. But we can all dream.
  8. THE SOUND OF FOCUS– Having trouble concentrating a work? Finding yourself overstressed and distracted? Naturesoundsfor.me may be able to help. This website allows you to mix four different sounds to achieve your ultimate level of zen. My personal favorites are brown noise, pink noise, wind chimes, and heavy rain.

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